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In 2016 after the tragic killings of Black men and boys on the news, my sons at a very young age started to notice and ask questions as well as be afraid for the Black men in their lives, including their; grandpa’s, uncles, father and even themselves.


Deciding that I wanted to create a safe space for my boys to enjoy their childhood. Meant they had to provide not only a safe space for them, but for all Black boys. Through OUR KINGS Black boys have a space for them to be given the opportunity to surround themselves with other Black boys and be celebrated and uplifted.

After creating a meetup group called QUEENS OF KINGS many non-African American mothers joined. This meant that these mothers not only had a community for their sons to be around other Black boys but also one for themselves, where they can bring their concerns and questions about raising a young KING in a world that may dem to be a threat. 

We stayed a meetup group until 2021. With the horrific killing of George Floyd, like many others. I felt it was my duty to do more than walk and peacefully protest. With my younger brother now becoming a father of a Black boy, we decided to come together and officially turn QUEENS OF KINGS into a nonprofit and changing the name to OUR KINGS.

With both of us having a college background in educations we felt it was only right to add new educational programs not just for the boys but for mothers to have the knowledge and awareness necessary for their son to get the education they desire, along with events, field trips and outings




OUR KINGS is here to uplift inspire and celebrate Black boys with the encouragement of their mother.

as well as be a support system and community for all mothers of Black boys. 




By giving Black boys a space to be uplifted, celebrated and inspired, they will become confident with themselves and know their self-worth. We also know that mothers of Black boys need a safe space to call community. Where they can get the encouragement and the support that's needed.

Our Vision Includes: 

- Build a community for ALL mothers of Black boys, providing them the

tools to raise their son with pride and confidence

- A Black boys' elementary academy, providing the best educations for

them to succeed and soar in our society. 


- To be a voice for mothers and their sons in the educationally system

and the medical industry

"There are no words that can express how I feel, you never kept a secret, always stayed real,

And I appreciate how you raised me, and all the extra love you gave me.

You are appreciated.

                                                                                                                                        2 Pac






Director of education

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