Hats & Bowties is an exclusive event for OUR KINGS members. At this event there will be special guest speakers, presentations and performances by local talent, as well as a live band, fun activities to show that Black Boy Joy, and of course a delicious brunch. Hats & Bowties is an annual event that allows Our Kings to honor and thank those that believe in the cause of Our Kings. This brunch allows Our Kings members and their guests to get dressed up, connect with one another, and celebrate being in this supportive community. So, ladies come in their fancy hats and boys come with their coolest bowties and be ready for an event that has all the makings for a good time.


The mother’s retreat is a 2-day event for mothers of black boys. This is an event where mothers can stop and think of only themselves; something that is truly difficult for any mom to do. At this event there will be guest speakers, a day of spa treatments, yoga classes, open conversations, and much more. This relaxing weekend ends with a formal dinner for just us moms. This is a time for mothers to come together and celebrate not just motherhood, but womanhood. We are proud to be raising a black boy and it is about time we show it.


LET’S DANCE!!! This is a fun event where we can dance the night away. A mother and sons dance to raise money for our organization. All are welcome to purchase a ticket. This fundraiser includes a silent action, buffet of appetizers, yummy desserts, and good music.


The award ceremony is a celebration for the boys of OUR KINGS. At this award ceremony the boys of Our Kings will be honored and rewarded for all things they accomplished. This is a ceremony that includes a certificate from Our Kings, a bumper sticker, and a visa gift card. To receive this award, a young black boy must be recognized and nominated by a mother.


Jordans journal is a writing program.

Jordan’s journal is a 3-week writing program that takes place in person and virtual. This is a 3-part program, which meets 2 days a week. Your child will learn about some of the best poets, writers, and storyteller's black culture. Once they complete this part of the program, they will have the opportunity to write their own spoken word, poem, or song guided by educators. The last part of this program will be a showcase where they will have the chance to perform. Winner will take home amazing prizes. (Prizes will be announced at each enrollment period).

age group 9-13


K.I.N.G.S is a 6 week after school program that goes over all thing’s positive self-esteem. We will teach character development and curriculum about what makes a black boy feel good about themselves inside and out. We will ask the question-Why are you proud to be you? (a young black man) K-KING, I-INTELLIGENT, N-NOBEL, G-GIFTED, S- SONS OF QUEENS


We all know as mothers having a natural delivery is hard but having a C-section birth is even harder and at times unbearable. Therefore, mothers to mothers was created for when a mother goes home with her newborn baby and needs that extra hand around the house. We will come for two weeks and help with new baby, other children in the home, light housekeeping and prep meals. This way your focus can be on you and your healthy recovery.


The R.MAC scholarship is dedicated for those boys that want to do extracurricular activities, however for whatever reason their family has falling on hardship. OUR KINGS will help pay in full or partial payment.

age group 3-13


Soul food is an important part of the black culture, the kitchen is a way to express yourself; and boy did we do that. This program is a 5 day class where you will learn the history of soul food and why its a huge part of the black culture. In addition, the boys will learn how to cook 3 delicious recipes. (recipes will change with each class)

age group 7-13

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