In 2016 after many unnecessary deaths of African American men and boys on the news, my sons at a very young age started to notice and ask questions as well as be afraid for the black men in their life; grandpa’s, uncles, dad and even themselves.

Deciding that I wanted to create a safe space for my boys to enjoy their childhood. Not only a safe space for them, but for all black boys. A space for them to be giving the opportunity to surround themselves with other black boys and be celebrated and uplifted.

After creating a meetup group called QUEENS OF KINGS many non-African American mothers join. Not only for their sons to be around other black boys but also for themselves, with curiosity, concerns and question about this “new world” they have now become a part of.

We stayed a meetup group until 2021. With the horrific death of George Floyd, like many others I felt it was my duty to do more then walk and peacefully protest. My younger brother now becoming a father of a black boy, we decided to come together and officially turn QUEENS OF KINGS into a nonprofit and changing the name to OUR KINGS. Adding new programs and events for the mothers and the boys besides getting together for field trips and outings.

By giving black boys a space to be uplifted, celebrated and inspired. They will become confidence with themselves and know their self-worth. We also know that mothers of black boys need a safe space to call community. Where they can get the encouragement and the support, that's needed.

our vision

-Build a community for ALL mothers of black boys, providing them the tools to raise their son with pride and confidence

-A black boys' elementary academy, providing the best educations for them to succeed and soar in our society

-To be a voice for mothers and their sons in the educationally system and the medical industry

Anya D. Owensbrown, Founder and President of OUR KINGS, is an early childhood educator, after starting her career in education as a preschool teacher, Anya has continued to fight for the development of young children as a program director for A Child's Place learning center. she has over 23 years in early childhood education.

In addition to working as an educator, Anya has organized events for over 10 years with great success. Therefore, it was only natural for her to create and begin OUR KINGS after the birth of her twin boys, which gave her a family of 5 children: 4 boys and 1 girl.

For years, Anya like many suffered as she attended funerals for young black boys, or comforted cousins, friends and parents as they navigated difficult times of raising their black boys, and then came the global awareness brought on by the killing of George Floyd. Anya knew that her boys needed a place to be boy full of joy, and for mothers of all races that were raising black boys to understand how to give that to them, even in a world that, at times, tries to take it away.

Therefore, she reconnected with her meetup group she created in 2016 of mothers of black boys called Queens of kings. she decided to make it an official organization. When it was established, the meetup was a safe haven for mothers to meet together and discuss the difficulties that their sons face, as well as celebrate the wonderful lives they get to share with their sons.

Anya has many accomplishments, but more than that, she has a huge empathetic heart for people, and she wants to use it to give mothers and their black sons a safe, fun and welcoming place to call community.

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