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Anya D. OwensBrown, Founder and President of Our KINGS, is an early childhood educator. After starting her career in education as a preschool teacher, Anya has continued to fight for the development of young children as a program director for A Child’s Place childcare center; she has over 23 years in early childhood education. In addition to working as an educator, Anya has organized events for over 10 years with great success. Therefore, it was only natural for her to create and begin Our KINGS after the birth of her twin boys, which gave her a family of 5 children; 4 boys and 1 girl. For years, Anya like many suffered as she attended funerals for young black boys, or comforted cousins and friends as they navigated difficult times of raising their black boys, and then came the global awareness brought on by the killing of George Floyd. Anya knew that her boys needed a place to be a boy full of joy, and for mothers of all races to understand how to give that to them, even in a world that, at times, tries to take it away. Therefore, reconnected with her meetup group of mothers with black boys and decided to make it an official organization. When it was established the meetup was a safe haven for mothers to meet together and discuss the difficulties that their sons face, as well as celebrate the wonderful lives they get to share with their sons. Anyahas many accomplishments, but more than that, she has a huge empathetic heart for people, and she wants to use it to give mothers and their sons a safe, fun, and welcoming place to call community.


"When I created OUR KINGS my goal was for my sons to have a safe space for them to play and be loved. I wanted a place where like-minded mothers to come together and not just celebrate our sons but each other in this journey we share."

                                        Anya B




Jordan Brown is husband, father, minister, and middle school principal. But, just as important to who is now, is the fact that he was once a young Black boy, just as the young boys he is privileged to serve in the OurKINGS program.  After starting his career in marketing, working for the Los Angeles Clippers, Jordan changed paths in order to obtain a career where he felt he could make a difference. Therefore, he became an educator that focused on elevating the reading levels of marginalized minority groups, while celebrating the gifted abilities of these same students that many systems had forgotten. It is this heart for children, as well as his belief that “people do not care what you know, until they know that you care”, which has brought him to be a part of OUR KINGS. Although he worked for over a decade as an English Teacher, Jordan specializes in character development and has completed his graduate studies in Character Development in Urban Education. He brings that passion for helping to shape the hearts and attitudes of the next generation to all the ideas and programs that OUR KINGS offers. When Jordan is not working, he is spending time with his wife, Jackie Brown, and his two children, Jordan Makayla Brown and Jonah Alexander Brown. Growing up as a Black boy, all Jordan wanted to do was play, have fun, connect with his friends, and be able to express himself without judgment. These are the desires he knows the kids in OUR KINGS want as well, which is why he is thrilled to support the organization.


A family that prayers together stays together 



OUR KINGS is now hiring for multiple board position. We are looking for energetic outgoing candidates ready to make a difference in our community and for our families.

All positions are volunteer opportunities.

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