We welcome partnerships that have the same goals as OUR KINGS. They provide support to mothers of black boys social, mental, and emotional well-being. Our partners help cultivate an environment that enriches the knowledge needed to give our kings the self-confidence and education to succeed in our society.

Our team is working hard to get the sponsors & grantors needed to provide success for our programs and events. All programs and events are designed to celebrate our community.

OUR KINGS is run entirely by volunteers who devote their physical, emotional, and mental labor for the sole purpose of supporting our mission: here to uplift, inspire and celebrate our black boys with the encouragement of their mothers, as well as provide support and a community for the mothers.

All partnerships and collaborations must be first and foremost of benefit to our community. Whether it is impacting their lives at home, the tools needed to gain self-worth, education or giving them a safe space to be.

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