OUR KINGS is a hands-on organization. We believe actions speak volumes, take action at OUR KINGS by supporting the cause. It's as simple as 1,2,3

1.FINANCIAL-Your financial support will go to programs dedicated to our boys and mothers. Our programs allow boys to become their best self and for mothers to have the mantel, emotional and financial support they need in raising their son.

2.VOLUNTEER-We are always looking for volunteers to support classroom programs and to be hands on at events. Check out our events and programs to find the one that best fits you.

3.SOCIAL MEDIA-In today society social media is everything to an organization. Allowing for those to see and hear about your organization. So, this way of support is easy. Simply, like, follow, and subscribe to us on our social media platforms @ourkings827.We want all mothers of black boys and black boys themselves to know the OUR KINGS community see and hears them.

OUR KINGS is solely based on you and the support you give. OUR KINGS is a recourse hub for many mothers and their sons, we continue to make our community strong and united by being a foundation for them.

Knowledge is power and education is everything. Our organization strongly believes that every child should have equal rights to the best education. OUR KINGS is determined to make this a reality for all black boys. Our BACK 2 SCHOOL FUND gives black boys clothing, shoes, school supplies, books and sturdy backpacks. We also provide mothers with financial support to help with school travel, food and classes for mothers to receive the knowledge and power they need as their sons starts and continue their education.

Donations go directly towards mothers of black boys and the boys themselves. Corporate sponsorship goes towards our programs and events. OUR KINGS is a community, lifestyle and a movement! The more we have, the more we can do, the more we can give.

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