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We want the world to know these boys are children not a threat

                                                                          -OUR KINGS

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Your gift supports field trips, outings, mentoring, trade workshops and deployment programs for OUR KINGS boys


OUR KINGS exist so young Black boys can have a community where they can be recognized for the intelligent, unique, young men they are; supported in their efforts to navigate a world that marginalizes their importance; and treated with respect, as they learn how to lead themselves and their peers. Additionally, we desire to equip mothers of Black boys with the tools necessary to raise strong, loyal, responsible Black men, as well as provide a comforting community for both mother and son. 

We believe in the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child" but add that it takes a “unified” village to raise a child.


Being connected under shared experience, common values, and relatable aspirations for the lives of Black boys and their mothers is what allows OUR KINGS to thrive in its efforts to transform the perception of Black boys in their own eyes, as well as the culture at large.


OUR KINGS started as a way for its founder to connect with other mothers, as well as the founder’s sons to connect with other Black boys; in order to celebrate what it means to be young, enthusiastic, carefree boys. However, what has developed is much more impactful, as the deep need for families to have a home for honest, helpful, and holistic connections has proven to be of immense importance. 

OUR KINGS understands the power of positive people moving in direction that is destined to advance and bind a community; therefore, we faithfully hope to one day witness the values and practices promoted at OUR KINGS to be evident in communities across the nation. Let it start with you, and your support of our humble organization.



Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with fears you didn't know existed 

                                                         -Linda Wooten 

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