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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

                                                                                                                                  – Nelson Mandela


Our KINGS is a non-profit committed to helping underserved youth in our community by providing unique educational and mentorship programs. Our programs have included everything from career readiness workshops to leadership development initiatives. We invite you to learn more about our Programs and how you can get involved.


School Supplies
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Our fieldtrips and outings are dedicated for our mothers and their sons. With each field trips and outing we seek new adventure, explore exciting things and look forward to the OUR KINGS community growing.

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Jordan’s journal is a 3-week literature program that takes place in person and virtual. This is a 3-part program, which meets 2 days a week. Your child will learn about some of the best poets, writers, and storytellers in black culture. Once they complete this part of the program, they will have the opportunity to write their own spoken word, poem, or song guided by educators. The last part of this program will be a showcase where they will have the chance to perform. Winner will take home amazing prizes. (Prizes will be announced at each enrollment period).

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Our trade workshops are designed for our boys to experience a day in the life of a field they may have interest in as a career choice. They will learn the ins and outs of the business as well as the trade. this program is led by young black men with a strong background in their field or the owner of their own company.


The K.I.N.G.S program is a smacking program that supports the development of the students 'positive self-esteem, and even though it focuses more on behaviors and character traits, the program is a character education program, with the emphasis on education.

The program was designed by educators with students in mind, and therefore its use is best applied when it is taught in context of how the Black boys exemplify their qualities as students in school and out of school.

Therefore, if you are looking to support your student, enhance your school's positive culture amongst this minority group of young males, or desire to raise leaders who will impact your school and ultimately their community for the better, then you can connect with us about leading a course of the K.I.N.G.S program in your school this year. 



School Supplies

The K.I.N.G.S program is a character development self-worth enrichment program designed to enhance the positive self- image of each student in the program. Through explicit lessons engaging activities, and fun interactions with one another, the students will identify within themselves their ability to be KIND, INTELLIGENT, NOBLE, and GIFTED as well as understand what it means to live respectfully as a SON OF A QUEEN.


OUR KINGS believed that every young Black boy has the capacity to demonstrate these qualities; however, in order for them to be expressed more consistently it takes positive influences to recognize it in them, dedicated figures to direct them in how to display the qualities and the students to believe the best of themselves. OUR KINGS desires to do that work our Black boys.


K.I.N.G.S program is set up for students (Black boys) to be able to learn their self-worth gain self-confidence and have self-awareness as they attend school.  

  • 6 week program 

  • Open group decision 

  • Self-worth growth activities

  • Group hands on activities

  • Self reflation 



 We meet with the parents of the students patriating in the program to guide them with how to get involved in their son's school and education journey. 

  • How to communicate with school stuff 

  • The importance of volunteering in your son class and school

  • What questions to ask at parent teacher conferences 

  • The importance of after school conversation with your son day to day 


We will introduce educators to issues/problems concerning minority students, with the intent of finding creative and positive solutions that will equip teachers and empower students to have beneficial and joyful interaction in school.

  • Open discussion

  • Group activities 

  • Data sheets /behavior tackers 

  • Template lesson plans

  • Guest speaker 


Education is the passport to the future,

for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today


                                                          -Malcolm X

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